Saturday, December 01, 2007

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Shawn Greer Clip • Click Here

From the archives. Shot in Cincinnati @ Riverfest in 1993


It rained yesterday. . . all day. . and into the late evening. We needed the rain and could use more, but we'll take what we get. I went to work anyway, hoping that it might clear up and I could do some shows. No go, rain continued so I went to a movie at the City Walk. This week has been for shit, work wise. I'd show up for work and it would be dead, so I'd see a movie instead. I've seen more movies in the last week and a half, than I did all summer. Most recently: No Country For Old Men, Beowulf (3D IMAX), and last night I went to Hitman.

Thursday night, dead at the City Walk. Checked out Hollywood & Highland not much better there. Hung out with Daniel Davenport for an hour before heading to the Paramount Back Lot to visit my girl. Bonnie the script supervisor joked that she sees me more than she sees her own husband. I love visiting Polly at work, seeing all the magic being made for your television viewing entertainment.

Yesterday Polly had a 9AM call time and didn't get off till 1AM. . . . another 16 hour day, OY! After the movie (Hitman), I paid her a visit at work. Hung out for a couple of hours both on set and in the trailer. Always fun for me to chat up the cast and crew. Last night I had some questions for the Sound Technician.

I split around 11PM or so and headed home.

Sometimes I wonder if I would enjoy working in the television and film industry. It's got to play hell on relationships. I'm pretty happy just the way things are. I've got the best of both worlds. A girlfriend in the business, and a work schedule that allows for nude sunbathing and cigar smoking. . . most every day of the week.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

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, originally uploaded by Dai Vernon.

Dirty Sexy Money Shooting Location

Went to have lunch with Polly where they were shooting yesterday. Los Angeles Center Studios is a full-service studio anchoring a constellation of entertainment-related companies on a 20-acre campus just west of downtown Los Angeles. The supportive, synergistic environment has created a dynamic community for individuals in the film, television, music, gaming, and other creative industries. They pride ourselves on being a customer service-focused resort for the entertainment industry. With 450,000 square feet of ‘Class A’ and production office space, six state-of-the-art sound stages, a backlot with numerous practical locations, and a full range of services and amenities available on-site, LACS is widely considered Los Angeles’ premier independent studio.

Very cool and always interesting to learn some tricks of the trade. Like how to make a lobby of a building look like baggage claim at an airport.

We had catered lunch with an army of extras, I got my mustache trimmed in the hair and make-up trailer. After lunch, it was back to the grind stone for everyone except me. I took up position behind video village and watched a bit of shooting.

Fake, fake, fake: Hot dog cart, fake. NYC Taxi, fake. NYC Street sign fake. . . and were not even gonna talk about the tits in this town.

Two notes of interest, Tim Matheson is directing this episode and Lolita Davidovich is a special guest. Always fun to watch movie stars at work. . . I think.

I just burned a hole in the front of my shirt, dropped cigar ash! Where is wardrobe when you need them. I’ll be needing a fresh shirt before we shoot.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Pennies from heaven

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Polly had a 5:12AM call time. Nobody likes that shit, especially after such a delicious, long holiday weekend. She was up at 4AM . . . ouch. As for me, I woke at 9, but strangely was not convinced to get out of bed. So I got the laptop, my cell phone and back in bed for another hour. I met Polly for lunch at noon, she had been at work 7 hours at that point. I was just getting my day started.

Picketers still doing their thing at Paramount. After lunch I called my pal Vaclav who lives in the area and asked him if he wanted to take a hike in Bronson Canyon at the end of his street off of Franklin Blvd. not far from the Magic Castle. He said yes, I was there in 10 minutes.

This is Vaclav. He’s an actor, magician, free diver and friend from Seattle. We don’t see that much of each other (cause this is LA baby), but we stay in touch. He just got back from Seattle, so it was nice to catch up on what’s going on there. I enjoy Vaclav’s company. Everyone’s got a dream, that’s just a rainbow away. That pot of gold. I used to be satisfied with gold pot. But I digress, we started our hike up the canyon, first visiting the shooting location for the TV show Batman. The Bat Cave exterior was shot there, cool huh. We saw a lonely coyote. I assumed he was lonely because he was alone. Who knows, could have been a girl coyote. Maybe not lonely at all, but content to have just eaten a small child. . . or better yet a WGA striker. This is really good pot.

People can say what they want about LA. What a cesspool of shit and pollution, crime and drugs, bla, bla bla. Fucking beautiful, that’s what I say. Hot enough to want to take my shirt off on the hike. A shame to retard the tanning process. This canyon is situated between Hollywood & Burbank.

We talked about magic, gigs, his acting career and the many struggles that all starving actors deal with in this town. It can be so confusing. Like whose cock do you have to suck anyways. I mean Criss Angel still has cum pouring out his ass and mouth.

This town rocks! We hiked for about an hour ending up as close to the Hollywood sign as I’ve been. Below the sign in the canyon is a horse ranch where you can rent horses for $25 an hour, that sounds fun. Hey, you don't think. Never mind.

Another enjoyable afternoon. Finished our hike got on the 101 and was home in 10 minutes

This evening, it was over before it even started at work. Attendance below 2000 at Universal Studios today, made for an early evening with little cash for me. But when your smoking good cigars and coming home to a smoking chick, life is good. Plus, I put her to bed, crank on the TiVo and “Am I Ready for Some Football?” Hell yes! Monday Night Football and the last of the turkey leftovers.